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NCAA Athletic Directors Believe Pay-for-Play Has “No Part” in College Athletics

One hundred twenty members of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics convened at the Division 1A's athletic directors' meeting this week and...

The NCAA: A Case of the Fox Guarding the Hen House

(Editor’s Note.  This piece is similar in tone to an article by Dr. Vetter that was recently published by the Chronicle of Higher Education. ...

Business, the Law and the NCAA

(Editor’s Note.  In late January, 2012 the Digest posted an article concerning the lack of due process in NCAA enforcement cases.  This article follows...

Should College Football Players Go on Strike?

Now that all of the sporting public has found out the result of the latest Game of the Century and Alabama has been crowned...

The Drumbeat for Pay for Play Grows Louder

It seems that everywhere a person looks these days for sports news the issue of whether or not NCAA Division I football and men’s...

Is the NCAA Really a Part of the Mafia?

Every day sports headlines across the country proclaim the latest news on the new sport of NCAA Division I Football Bowl Championship conference realignment. ...

Plan to Pay NCAA Student-Athletes in Works

While college football fans wait for Boise State, Air Force, Navy, Central Florida and a bunch of other schools to accept an invitation from...

NCAA Misses the Mark In Discussing Paying College Athletes

There is a recent blog post on http://ncaa.org by Dave Pickle, a long-time NCAA staff member.  The article offers an argument against paying NCAA...

NCAA Enforcement: Myth or Reality?

News media outlets have been full of stories over the past few months about problems with the NCAA Enforcement Staff and its handling of...

Does the NCAA Exploit Athletes?

Thomas Palaima has an interesting article in this week’s Chronicle of Higher Education dealing with the NCAA regulation—or lack of such—of its member institutions...
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