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Why the Raiders Should Leave Oakland (And Others Should Do The Same)

Roughly five years ago, I decided I wanted to work in law enforcement. I went to my family and laid out my plan. The...

Adelson Could Scuttle Raiders Las Vegas Move

Like many others, Oakland Raiders frontman Mark Davis and his fellow National Football League owners have a problem with Sheldon Adelson. It seems that Adelson...

Nevada Ready to Give $750 Million in Public Funding for a Stadium

The potential move of Mark Davis's Oakland Raiders National Football League business from his base in the Bay Area to the Nevada desert continues...

It is Good to be an NFL Owner

The National Football League season is about ready to get underway and it seems it is probably a good time to see how the...

Oakland or Las Vegas Raiders?

The National Football League regular season is just three weeks away from starting and if selling tickets for Raiders games in Oakland is a...

Will Someone Please Give Mark Davis 1 Billion Dollars

National Football League teams are a scarce commodity. There are just 32 of them in 30 different geographical areas around the United States. But...

Are Sports Fans Really Chumps?

Do sports owners play fans for suckers? Fans don't really want that question brought up or answered because they may find out something they...

Davis, Adelson and the NFL

There is one basic tenet that you need to know when dealing with the National Football League. Very simple-- "show me the money." That...

Las Vegas and The Raiders, Not Likely But Gambling Not An Issue

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis seemingly has some interest in Las Vegas as a potential home for his National Football League franchise. There are...

The Los Angeles Dolphins? The Los Angeles Jaguars? Unlikely…But

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for some reason, maybe only known to him, has decided Los Angeles (L.A.) is ready to become the home...
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