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Time for Baseball to Add Teams

Expansion time again? Major League Baseball more than a quarter of a century ago put out the word that eventually the business needed 32...

It wasn’t too long ago Major League Baseball suffered from xenophobia

The possible sale of the Seattle Mariners by Nintendo America may bring up some unpleasant memories for Major League Baseball. In January 1992, Major...

MLB may go to 32 teams

Major League Baseball expansion is coming but Commissioner Rob Manfred doesn't know where or when but he knows Major League Baseball will grow to...

FOX wins World Series

The 2015 World Series could extend into November and there is one sure thing about the New York Mets-Kansas City Royals matchup, games three and four...

Evan Weiner with the Politics of Sports Business

While the sports media keeps pushing the Mets-Cubs National League Championship Series and how well it is doing ratings wise, neither the Mets-Cubs series nor...

Montreal Wants NBA and MLB Teams

You can add Montreal to the list of cities that might be interested in landing a National Basketball Association franchise sometime in the future....

Thirty-Year Lease Dilemma: Why Stu Sternberg Should Read This

In the final days of his tenure as Major League Baseball Commissioner, Peter Ueberroth told MLB owners not to sign lease agreements for stadiums...

MLB Commisioner and Executive Council announce formation of a succession committee

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig and the MLB Executive Council have announced the formation of a succession committee, whose work will include the...

Chris Russo on Finding Qualified People for his Radio Sports Show

As a broadcast professional and journalist, I never understood the appeal of Chris Russo. He appeared to be a very dim witted and not...

Enough Is Too Much

It probably would not be too much of a stretch if Miami area residents are beginning to feel like the Warner Brothers cartoon character...

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