Saturday, September 23, 2023
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French Midfielder Pogba Receives Record Offer

Resigning French midfielder Paul Pogba, Manchester United pays a record 89 million Pound Sterling, surpassing the 85 million Pounds Real Madrid paid Tottenham for...

Most Valuable Sports Franchises in the World According to Forbes

Have you seen Forbes magazine's list of the most valuable sports franchises in the world? If you haven't and live in the United States,...

David Moyes sacked: Never follow a legend

David Moyes has been sacked by Manchester United.  The long expected firing came about after Moyes and United were defeated at Moyes’ return to...

The NFL’s London Office?

The National Football League is once again trying to broaden the league’s reach and appeal as well as establishing more merchandising opportunities beyond the...

World Soccer Clubs Worth A Lot of Money

Manchester United, valued at US$853 million, remains the world’s most valuable football (soccer) brand, with Germany’s FC Bayern München moving from fourth to second...
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