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President-elect Trump Expresses Support for L.A. Olympic Bid

President-elect Donald Trump expressed his support for Los Angeles’ 2024 Olympic bid during a phone call with the city’s Mayor Eric Garcetti recently, according...

Los Angeles Voters Approve $120 Billion Transit Overhaul with Eyes on Olympics

Los Angeles County voters approved a transformative $120 billion transit overhaul which will deliver new rail lines, bus services and highway improvements, highlighting the...

Los Angeles 2024 Officials Promise a ‘Transformative Games’

Making their first presentation to the Olympic family, Los Angeles 2024 officials pledged to the 1,000-plus delegates at the Association of National Olympic Committees...

It Is Not Known How Much Rio 2016 Cost

Now that the regular competition at the Rio Games is done, the International Olympic Committee is ready to start the real business of the...

Federal Housing Money For A Sports Village?

If you think Los Angeles is only going to spend public money on sports events like the Olympics think again. Los Angeles, which is...

LA 2024 Draws Inspiration from Successful Copa América Soccer Tournament

After Chile secured the Copa América Centenario USA 2016 trophy with Sunday’s win over Argentina, LA 2024 vowed to take inspiration from the tournament’s success, particularly...

With Vote Looming, Three NFL Teams File to Relocate

As expected, the St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers on Monday made their desires to move to Los Angeles official as...

‘I would never do something to endanger Los Angeles’ fiscal health,’ says City’s Mayor...

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti insists he would never do something to endanger the fiscal health of the city having endorsed its bid to...

Los Angeles Saves USOC from Another Olympic-sized Embarrassment

At some point, U.S. Olympic Committee leaders ought to send the folks in Boston a thank-you note. Instead of trying to sell the International Olympic Committee on a city...

California Launched its Bid to Host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

“It is an honor for any city to host the Olympic Games, and Los Angeles is uniquely prepared for this task,” said the city’s mayor...

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