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Dear Coaches and Athletes, Concussions are Serious!

As the news of sport-related concussions continues to spread across sport media, many coaches and athletes still aren’t convinced of the seriousness and potential...

Lewiston High School rejects proposal to raise money for more sports

Lewiston High School athletes will not pay to play sports next year after the Lewiston School Committee Monday night rejected the proposal as a...

high number of ejections at Utah high school soccer games

High school soccer in Utah has a problem and there are no easy answers on how to fix it. As of this past Monday, 117...

Common Mistakes Made by High School Athletic Directors

It would not be difficult for any honest interscholastic athletic administrator to fill up a page or two about the mistakes he or she...

Criticism of High School Sports Raises Important Issues, But Sometimes Wrong Conclusions

Athletics are as much a part of American high school culture as prom night and geometry. Yet, sports programs gone amok can sometimes lead...

Student Athletes and Their Reactions to Sustaining a Concussion

It is normal behavior for student-athletes to express frustration and anger when they are unable to compete due to a concussion. This behavior is...
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