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ESPN Continues to Lose Subscribers at an Alarming Rate

The news that ESPN continues to lose subscribers should be coming as no surprise because people are cutting their cable or satellite or phone...

The T.V. Bill is Too High

Walt Disney Company officials along with a number of top executives at other places that have sports networks probably are not too thrilled with...

The Real Greatest Baseball Players of All Time

Over the past few weeks, ESPN released its Top 100 baseball players of all time, culminating with the release of their Top 10 last...

I Want Money, That’t What I Want

Kevin Durant's signing with NBA's Golden State Warriors is intriguing in a number of ways. First, Durant decided not to go the way of...

Your Choice of Words Matter!!!!

The Oklahoma City Thunder came away with a 108-102 victory in game one against the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. In a post-game...

Differences in Pro, College Playoff Broadcasts Are Stark

It's rather fascinating sometimes to see how cable TV, and ESPN in particular, can be so big and yet at the same time so...

The Letter That Changed Women’s Basketball

In 1974, Pat Summit received a letter that may have very well changed women’s sports forever. Summit, who had recently graduated from the University of...

NFL TV Blackouts and Los Angeles and the NFL

The ESPN Monday Night Football Game of the Week between the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers will be shown locally in the San...

Walt Disney’s ESPN in News or Entertainment Business?

Make no mistake, the Walt Disney Company’s ESPN cable TV networks are not set up to be journalism bastions. There were two stories recently...

Is It Time to Pay Players at the Little League World Series? Of Course,...

Skai Jackson is 11 years old. She is an actress with a starring role on the Disney Channel show "Jessie." She's not hard to...

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