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Hats Off to the NCAA

As a follow up to an earlier article, “Do the right thing NCAA," I had written about the Oakland University basketball player, Isaiah Brock,...

NCAA Bars College Basketball Recruiters from Two Prep Schools

When the September in-person evaluation period began last Monday in college basketball, at least one coach was on his way to watch practice at...

College Basketball Loses Integrity with Brad Stevens’ Jump to NBA

The single biggest drain on the quality and credibility of college basketball over the last 20 years has been early entries to the National...

Social Media Response to Andrew Wiggins’ Decision to Play for Kansas – Another Example...

Andrew Wiggins is a 6-foot, 8-inch high school basketball player from Canada who played his last two years at a prep school in West...

Weighing the Cost of Integrity in Big Time Sports

WHY DID Rutgers fire Mike Rice? Was it because he exhibited inappropriate behavior or was the university protecting the school’s sports brand? It appears that...

Summitt Has Made a Difference in Young Women’s Lives

When Pat Summitt came to the United States Sports Academy nearly three years ago to receive an honorary doctorate, the winningest college basketball coach...

College Basketball Attendance Under Attack

About one out of every five men’s basketball Division I programs have seen a decline in their average regular season attendance over the past...

Wins Bring College Basketball Coaches Early Christmas Presents

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament field has been reduced to the Sweet 16; those teams begin play March 22 and 23 at four sites...

March is the Month for Workplace Madness

The annual NCAA Division I men’s basketball championship tournament, affectionately known as March Madness, kicks off in less than two weeks and companies around...

More Evidence that Universities May Have Problems Setting Priorities

On January 25, 2012 an article appeared on The Chronicle of Higher Education blog.  The article covered the decision by the University of Maryland...

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