Monday, May 16, 2022
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Jaimie Fuller: While FIFA Says Racism is Fixed, Athletes in the US Kneel

There have been a few issues swirling around in recent weeks. The big, and ongoing, one is the continuing fallout from the McLaren Report and...

Armour: NFL Players Protest on 9/11, and That’s Fine

On 9/11, of all days, there were some who wanted to dictate what’s “appropriate” when it comes to respecting this country. Who decided symbols...

Supporting the Cause Goes a Long Way!

The CEO for the San Francisco 49ers has decided to support the cause that Colin Kaepernick has brought to light. Additionally, he’s pledged his...

Blacklister = Collusion!

I happened to read the story where Mike Freeman a reporter for Bleacher Report interviewed seven anonymous NFL executives regarding the recent and continued...

Athletes and Activism

Should professional and/or amateur athletes be allowed to freely express their views and opinions regarding social and political issues? Absolutely. Should professional and/or amateur athletes...

College-Style Spread Schemes Will Test the NFL’s Adaptability

How many times have we heard those famous epithets, “It’ll never work,” or “We’ve always done it this way!”?  And, how many times can...
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