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Welcome to Rowing 101

By Anja Kuys and Dr. Robert L. Herron | The sport of rowing is a unique combination of accomplishing a skill while challenging the...

How coaches are scarier than concussions

As much as I love football, and I was a high school head coach before founding the National Alliance for Youth Sports in 1981,...

So you want to be a coach

In recent years the coaching profession has taken a dive in the wrong direction. There are many things that have changed with the profession....

With Two Games Remaining, HS Football Coaching Staff Quits

First year head coach Nick D’Angelo along with his entire coaching staff at Coginchaug Regional High School in Connecticut quit earlier this week, with...

Coaching Attributes that Lead to Participant Success

Excellent teacher-coaches are able to provide a meaningful journey for the athletes they find themselves around. They create experiences that set in motion the athletes...

Look Before You Step: Progression in Program Design

Many sport professionals may get caught up in progression during program design. Personal trainers, strength coaches and athletic trainers may all be guilty of...

Age, Ability, and the Quest for Victory in Youth Sports: Lessons in Ethics

As I began this analysis of youth sports and the prohibitions it puts on participants in terms of age, and in one extreme instance,...

Coaching Young People is a Calling

Like many adults, I started coaching youth sports when my two sons were old enough to play on teams.  My sons, fraternal twins, began...

Count to Ten Before Speaking

Eloquently put, in 2005, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, stated, “Sport, used wisely, brings people together, regardless of their ethnic and social...

We Need to Listen to Our Young People

Like most kids with raw talent, Eli began his athletic career playing catch in the yard. It was clear from his earliest days he...
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