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Nightengale: Indians Still Reliving World Series Nightmare, Ready for a New Ending

The Cleveland Indians hate talking about that evening, but they’ll forever be proud of it. The Indians say they don’t ever want to watch it...

World Series Attracted More Than 40 Million Viewers

The Chicago Cubs' World Series victory over the Cleveland Indians not only ended the team's historic 108-year championship drought, but it also attracted the...

Nightengale: Indians Ready to Make Cleveland Rock With World Series Win

The Cleveland Indians can feel it, sense it, even smell it, and now they’re allowing themselves to wrap their minds around the idea. Just one...

Nightengale: Why Terry Francona is a Perfect Match for Indians

Indians manager Terry Francona got up Wednesday morning, drove his scooter to Progressive Field at 10:30, changed into a swim suit, and swam. Lap after...

Nightengale: As First African American Cubs Play in World Series, Larry Doby’s Legacy Alive...

Chicago Cubs leadoff hitter Dexter Fowler knew that with every step he took from the on-deck circle Tuesday, until the moment he reached home...

Nightengale: Cubs, Indians World Series Drought Raises Stakes

Yes, just in case anyone has forgotten outside the 216 area code, there’s another long-suffering legion of fans, with generations never having seen their...

Armour: No Place for Native American Nicknames or Mascots

Imagine the outrage if a sports team, college or professional, decided to have a mascot that lampooned African Americans or Latinos. Or Catholics or...

Come On Tribe, Go Make it Happen

As the Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs lurk around the corner, I felt it fitting to write about my home state of Ohio Cleveland...

Washington ‘Redskins’ Debate Rages on, and on, and on

The whole issue over whether the Washington football team’s name, “Redskins,” is offensive and should be changed continues to ignite debate. The latest talking head...

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