Friday, July 1, 2022
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Armour: Clemson, Deshaun Watson Win the Only Trophy that Matters to Them

This was exactly what Deshaun Watson wanted. Not the Heisman Trophy or any other award subject to debate. He wanted the title that is beyond...

Evan Weiner: Swinney Should Give up His Salary

The big game will be played in Tampa with either Alabama or Clemson walking off the field with a college football championship. But there...

Nick Saban supports athletes’ right to a voice, points to benefits not counted in...

The topic of student-athlete compensation isn't going away. The National Labor Relations Board on March 26 ruled Northwestern football players were free to unionize. They determined...

Parents Should Encourage Their Kids to Become College Football Coaches

On Dec. 21 USA Today ran an update on the salaries paid by Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS)) college football programs to coaches.  The complete...
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