Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Study: HS ADs Face Barriers to Hiring Athletic Trainers

As youth and high school sports injuries continue to make headlines, a new study published in the Journal of Athletic Training revealed that high...

Look Before You Step: Progression in Program Design

Many sport professionals may get caught up in progression during program design. Personal trainers, strength coaches and athletic trainers may all be guilty of...

Student Athletes and Their Reactions to Sustaining a Concussion

It is normal behavior for student-athletes to express frustration and anger when they are unable to compete due to a concussion. This behavior is...

Athletic Trainers Support Guidelines to Prevent Training Injuries and Deaths

Twenty-one NCAA football players have died during conditioning workouts during the past 12 years.  Each summer also brings stories of high school athletes having...

Athletic Trainers are Professionals Too

Although athletic training has been around since the 1960s, many people still do not know anything about the profession.  However, in recent years, the...
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