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  • A Myth about The Great One

    A Myth about The Great One

    The 25th anniversary of the Wayne Gretzky trade from the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings came and went on Aug. 9 with a smattering of interest in the United States and a great deal of introspective writing in […]

  • Title IX: Slowed by Tradition

    Title IX: Slowed by Tradition

    Men’s glorious feats in sport have been recorded throughout history, from Homer’s ancient literary classic to Leroy Neiman’s contemporary Olympic art. The touching tales of the trials as well as the triumphs of individual male athletes have been preserved. We […]

  • Is Sound Immigration Policy Good Business?

    Once again politics, law and sport have converged at the intersection of Public Policy Drive and Reality Boulevard.  In mid-April the Georgia legislature passed House Bill 87, an immigration reform bill patterned after Arizona’s controversial law passed in 2010.  The […]

  • Immigration and Sport: How Do the Dots Connect Them?

    The presence of large numbers of illegal immigrants in this country remains a touchy political issue.  This issue even spills over into the world of sports.  In 2010 the Arizona legislature passed a package of tough new immigration laws that […]