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Increasingly More NCAA Universities OK Alcohol Sales at Sporting Events

By Jarrod D. Schenewark, Ph.D. | Just over a decade ago, fewer than a dozen NCAA D-I institutions sold alcohol at sporting events. Beginning with...

Northwestern football players gain historic opening victory to unionize as employees

The National Labor Relations Board handed a historic opening-round victory for athletes to unionize. In a ruling today out of Chicago, NLRB regional director Peter Sung...

When College Athletes Face Depression

Former Syracuse offensive tackle Jonathan Meldrum remembers the scrimmage drill that had him considering suicide. He was a college sophomore, almost six and a...

Yet Another Crisis in Football’s Reality Show

There is really no need to sugarcoat football. It is a brutal game. The players who survive through the system from Pop Warner to...

10 Eating Tips for a Healthier College Football Bowl Season

Bowl season brings specific eating challenges for football fans. Tailgating is often centered on binge eating and drinking. Anxious and celebratory supporters often live...

Spread of Synthetic Marijuana a Growing Problem in College Athletics

A story ran in the Mobile Press-Register on Sunday, July 29, about the death in September 2011 of a basketball player at Anderson  College...

College Sports TV Rights Bidding War on the Horizon

It seems that it is impossible to separate big-time college sports from business issues.  Recent days have brought stories about the huge salaries being...

Alcohol Use Still a Confusing Health Issue for College Athletics

This publication has posted several articles detailing problems that colleges have had with alcohol use on their campuses.  This issue was raised again in...

Long-Running Battle Against Alcohol Abuse on College Campuses Continues

In early May, 2011 the University of Wisconsin-Madison announced that it was considering a new alcohol intervention program designed to combat problem drinking by...

Cracking the Code: An Interview with a Sport Business Professor

By Dr. Dexter Davis and Dr. Lajuan Davis  | Approximately 55 years ago, when Walter O’Malley of the Brooklyn Dodgers,  approached James Mason of...
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