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Golf is the Perfect Sport for 2020

Golf is the Perfect Sport for 2020
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By Christian Palmer |

The year is 2020 and our lives have been turned upside down. We’re hesitant to go out in public for fear of catching COVID, and simultaneously, we’re getting cooped up in our houses. It’s the dichotomy of emotions pulling at us and it’s difficult to figure out what is safe while also providing a sense of being social.  

Enter the great game of golf! 

Golf is the perfect sport for our current environment. It’s a simple game, in the sense that all you need is some golf clubs and some golf balls to play the game. While it is a sport you can play by yourself, it’s best enjoyed in the company of a few friends. The key here is that, with golf, social distancing is easy. The golf course is huge, and maintaining social distancing, while being social is easy.   

Golf is also great for the mind and the body.  

Daily physical exercise is always a good idea. On average, if you’re playing 18 holes, you’ll walk between 3-6 miles. The better you are at golf, the less zig-zagging you’ll do, so it will probably be closer to the three-mile mark. If you’re like me, you’ll be somewhere in the middle as you chase your ball all over the golf course. As you walk those miles, you’ll be carrying a golf bag that weighs close to 30 pounds. This should give you a sense of the exercise you can anticipate while golfing. Golf may not be as cardio-intense as basketball or track, but you will burn through some calories playing 18 holes. And the benefits of golf extend past the physical, because the mental side of golf can be just as taxing.   

To play the game of golf you need to have some mental grit. Even the pros run into difficult situations and deal with internal conflicts on the course. If you hit a bad shot, you need to have the mental toughness to overcome negative thoughts, that could affect your game going forward. Everybody wants to play well and crush drives, but the battle between what you should do and what is the smart play is tough. Playing aggressively might be the best option for some situations, but playing conservatively might provide a better outcome.  

Life can be tough, both physically and mentally. And the game of golf can help you practice for life. 

After months of holding down the couch and binge-watching tv shows, golf can provide a perfect outlet for surviving the current environment. To learn more about golf for beginners, check out https://caddiesfaultgolf.com/ 

Christian Palmer is a lover of the game of golf. He never had the skill set to make a living from it, but appreciated what it had to offer in life.  


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