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Three Dark Horse NFL MVP Candidates

Three Dark Horse NFL MVP Candidates
Oakland Raiders defender Khalil Mack. Photo: raiders.com

When it comes to sports, many people like to focus on the predictions made by those in the media and the fans. Predictions can make people a lot of money, and they help those in charge to make plans and work towards moves that will get them the winning they desire. One of the most popular predictions is to look at skills, form, and other indices, and try to pick the players that are could make giant strides in the season.

When it comes to the NFL, the prediction of the players that could possibly take home the MVP award is one market many people like to buy into. However, there is always the surprise factor whenever you want to talk about the people to win the NFL’s most valuable player award. It has been that way and will not change overnight.

Last year, the favorites for the award were Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, and everybody was predicting one of the two to win. However, a youngster named Derek Carr was named a fringe contestant or an also ran. But he made a comeback after doing damage to his stock with some lackluster performances in some games. His comeback was so phenomenal that he stole the scene from the favorite duo. However, he still was not the winner after all. Unexpectedly, it was Matt Ryan of the Falcons who took the individual trophy home.

The question now is, who will be the winner of that award for the 2017-18 season. A look at the season will bring up some names, and three of them are the most probable. The list below considers the three players that are most proximate to winning the NFL MVP come next season.

Dak Prescott: The first stride by this rookie is filling in for Tony Romo, then effectively ending his career. However, what made him a front runner is the fact that he has lead the Dallas team to the best record in the league last year. He is getting into the second year of his career as a starter, and there is every reason to believe that he will do great things in the offense. He has all the weapons to do this, and will enjoy the support of one of the most potent offensive lineups in the game. With this, great numbers and better wins are expected from him this season.  It is almost becoming a tradition for sophomore quarterbacks to put up showings that send them to the top of the consideration, and this is expected of Dak.

Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott celebrates during a game against the Washington Redskins on Sept. 18, 2016. By Keith Allison, via Wikimedia Commons

Khalil Mack: We understand that it could be very difficult for a defensive player to be named the MVP. However, this is already a star waiting to blossom. His team also made wonderful strides last season, and this placed him in the position of the defensive player of the year. The only thing that will spur him to become the choice for the MVP award is a situation where the Oakland replicates what they did last season in the coming season. We know he is capable of making significant plays on defense this season.  He will be on the list if he makes those disruptions with the off passes, strip sacks, and turnovers. Maybe, he will make history as one of those rare defenders to win this.

Tyrod Taylor: He is one talent that every defense will be wary of meeting. Under lots of offensive settings and handlers, he has shown what a good player he is over the years. He is so good that only one problem will prevent him from winning it. So, once he takes care of that problem no matter how minimal, it will see him making up to 3,000 passing. That problem is that hee needs to learn to be more accurate. If he eventually gets the Bills into the playoffs, which is something they have not tasted since the 1990s, he might just be immortalized by the club. If this happens, then his chances of becoming the MVP will be very high. He obviously has the needed talent. All he needs is for his team to put up a good performance, and he will be on top of the list. There is no doubt that the performance of teams helps in positioning individual players for awards. This will be to his advantage.

By Alex Norwood

Alex Norwood is a passionate sports fan with a love of writing, especially about his favorite topic: sports. 


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