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College Students Should Make Time for Exercise

College Students Should Make Time for Exercise
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Even though college can feel quite overwhelming for many students with the new lifestyle changes, moving out of home, new friends, parties and of course a lot of studying and hard work, it is important that students find ways to stay active and exercise during their college years too.

Relieves Stress and Improves Mood: Regular exercise can help relieve stress and depression which students tend to experience, especially in the first – freshman and junior years in college. The endorphins and serotonin released into the body after physical exercises help improve the mood, relieve the tension and will make life much easier for students, even when the finals are knocking on the door. With a more positive attitude, students are more likely to succeed and achieve their goals. Also, by relieving the stress from all the studying, the competition, the peer pressure and living by oneself, the risk of stress related problems is decreased. Some of these problems can be mental, such as: anxiety and depression, and some can become physical, such as: stomach problems, cardiovascular problems and many others.

Boosts Brain Cell Development: Also, studies show that training and exercising help boost brain cell development, as well as improve connections between brain neurons and improve cognitive test performance. This of course is great if you want to improve your grades and your overall GPA in college.

Improves Memory: Other scientific studies have shown that exercising improves the human memory, which is another plus, especially when you have just one week to study for an exam or if you want to ensure that what you learned this semester will stick with you for longer that a couple of months.

Improves Concentration and Focus: An additional benefit of regular running or exercising is that this type of physical activity helps improve the concentration and focus. By improving these, students have a bigger chance of concentrating, actively participating and retaining the information from the classes in college.

Even though students may feel that they have no time to spare for performing some sort of exercise, the benefits are so many that every student should consider taking at least 30 minutes of their precious time 3 times a week to go to the gym, go running, participate in a sports game, a Zumba class, do some weight lifting, or in any other physical activities they enjoy.

With regular exercise, you will feel less stress, energized, with improved memory and cognitive performance, plus you will stay fit and toned.

By Cara Haley

Cara Haley writes about running, sports gear and other sports related topics for ComfortHacks.com and Fitaholicgear.com. She is addicted to running and healthy food, loves taking pictures, writing, and spending quality time with her family.



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