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Report: How Are Colleges Tackling Rising Wi-Fi Costs?


Business, housing and IT administrators say they expect the cost of providing wireless network services will continue to climb, even as fewer of them believe their budgets will grow to keep up. Those and other findings appear in the 2016 State of the Residential Network report, released today by the Association for College and University Technology Advancement and the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International.

Colleges are using different strategies to try to keep costs down, according to the survey. Nearly half of respondents (44 percent) say they outsource some residential network services or are considering doing so, a share that has doubled since 2013. Others are considering throttling certain types of web traffic (41.6 percent), combining wireless network services with other IT services on campus (47.8 percent), adding or increasing student technology fees (9 percent, with another 29.9 percent considering it), or all of the above (29.2 percent).

The survey, which launched in 2011, includes responses from 406 administrators at 365 colleges and universities.

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