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Op-Ed: “Sporting Goods to Go”


Noted recently where China has built a $17 million USD stadium in Malawi, just next to a contaminated public water pump where people had to get their water, this building craze for stadiums of late, mostly financed by China, seems a little too much when there is much urgent need for clean water and other life supports and not for soccer teams that need such a structure for a limited number of events.

If China and other nations want to help so children and others can have play days without the need for a multi-million dollar edifice why don’t they support something like “Sporting Goods to Go”(SGTG) where the initiative is working to bring and access equipment for all sports not just soccer.  SGTG since 2003 has raised over $30 million USD in value of sport equipment for 70 countries.

However, lately its onward movement has slowed due to internal conflict in many countries curtailing transportation  of the equipment and accessing in to the country’s most needing it. The equipment has come from both the various international sports federations and school entities along with help from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  SGTG is to open doors for children and adults to have some sports in their lives, in place of the dire and difficult day to day living in places of political upheaval and armed conflict.

Republished with permission: Don E. Porter Chair, SGTG Initiative Oklahoma City, OK


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