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Russia vs WADA

There is a very interesting battle going on between the World Anti-Doping Agency and Russia with Russia attempting to get a ban lifted so the country can compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Too many Russian athletes have been caught doping according to WADA rules. But the Russians may have brought up a very interesting question that might strike at the heart of WADA and WADA’s reaction is equally curious. The Russians would like to see the scientific research that was done on the Latvian drug meldonium which was added to WADA’s banned substance list on January 1, 2016.
It seems extremely odd that WADA goes after athletes using banned substances but never goes after doctors who prescribe the drugs. There is also a rather bizarre statement from WADA President Craig Reedle about the public being upset with athletes who use banned substances.

The public’s confidence in sport was shattered in 2015 like never before, the public mood has soured and there is a general feeling that they’re all at it. Sport has had its wake up call, sport must ensure better governance if public and athletes are to uphold confidence in the system. Now is time to look at how we get greater funding for anti-doping, television broadcasters and sponsors could help fund clean sport.” A couple things here, at least in the United States, the NFL is raking in cash despite athletes being arrested on serious charges, owners extorting local cities for new stadiums, and players banned for testing positive for substances. In fact, none of the American sports are lacking TV or sponsors and marketing partners. So Reedle is wrong about the public and he is begging TV marketing partners and sponsors for money for drug testing. Neither should give WADA any money. TV executives want entertainment programs and sports fans want to be entertained. If Reedle thinks sports has integrity, well that train has left the station a long time ago.

Republished with permission, Evan Weiner for The Politics of Spots Business.


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