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Heineken turns to women to help curb men’s drinking in a global ad


Heineken turns to women to help curb men’s drinking in a global ad that champions moderation. The ad, called “moderate drinkers wanted”, was created by Publicis Italy and will air across 30 markets worldwide. The spot shows frustrated women striding through the city and singing I Need A Hero as drunken men slump and slumber in nightclubs and bars. At the end of the ad, a man charms the woman serving him drinks in a bar when he turns down a second bottle of Heineken and leaves with his faculties in tact. Heineken released the ad after polling 5,000 21-35 year olds about their drinking and finding that, among other things, wanting to be in control of their image and the threat of being shamed on social media was spurring them to drink less. Agnieszka Gorecki, Heineken’s communications manager, told Campaign: “We have observed this trend for moderation and the object of the campaign is to encourage it”.

This story first appeared in the blog, The Sport Intern. The editor is Karl-Heinz Huba of Lorsch, Germany. He can be reached at ISMG@aol.com. The article is reprinted here with permission of Huba.

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