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Building Your Brand Wall


There’s a dichotomy in social media marketing that doesn’t get talked about a lot. See, your publishing options and opportunities are limited only by your imagination, yet your potential for successful outcomes is constrained by the never ending flood of competitive content all vying for the finite attention of your audience. This truth limits the number of things you can achieve in social to one thing….

Success in social is measured by how well you can sell a simple story that resonates with your audience and the actions your audience takes to amplify that message.

Every time you hit publish you’re adding to your brand’s story. Whether you’re aware or not, you’re tweaking it ever so slightly. Each tweet is another brick in the wall of the story yourbrand is building. Are your bricks telling the story you intend? Are these bricks going to help support the core story of your brand? Or is the brick too weak, and will it cause the foundation to crumble around it? In social, a clearly stated, simple story stands strong over the long haul. Unfocused, complex content lacks a foundation, and even if immediate returns are positive, won’t have a lasting impact.

For my money, I want bricks that clearly communicate the values of my brand. I want my bricks tightly packed around its strong core. It’s when your content themes become only looselybrand related that you end up with weak bricks. Too many of those and your wall crumbles.

Let’s think about frequency for a minute. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of one of your brands new followers.  Thanks to your aforementioned competition (which includes EVERYTHING in your audiences’ feeds) much of your content will not be seen by your new follower, which puts ever more pressure on each piece to achieve your goals. If even one or two of these pieces doesn’t resonate as the simple story of your brand, you’ve failed.

Let’s put it this way. You, the brand, sees each and every piece of content you publish. Your audience, on the other hand, sees only some. If your content maintains strong and consistent visual elements, a unique voice, and a clear message throughout, that’s not a problem. You’ve still made a major impact even if only 10% of your content is viewed. If it doesn’t, you’ve wasted your time and the attention of your followers. The rule of seven is in full effect here. Social makes it easier than ever to achieve those seven touches when you stay focused, but nearly impossible if you succumb to the pressure of novelty. 

By Kyle Babson, republished with permission kylebabson.com the original publisher.


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