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Australian and Cuban Olympic Committees co-operation agreement


The Australian and Cuban Olympic Committees have signed what is labelled a historic co-operation agreement that will see both parties share insights to aid the development of Olympic athletes and coaches. “This agreement will help both Australia and Cuban athletes and coaches as they strive for success on the world’s greatest sporting stage, the Olympic Games,” said AOC President John Coates after Cuban Olympic Committee Secretary General Ruperto Herrera Tabio and Coates signed the agreement. Both the Australian and Cuban Olympic Committees will share information on sports science, sports medicine and the construction of facilities as well as provide a platform for academic exchange in an effort to raise the level of sport in the respective countries. The agreement also promotes cooperation in the international fight against doping in sport and its negative effects on human health, with John Coates stating: “Australia has been at the forefront of the fight to eradicate the use of banned substances in sport and will be looking to further bolster this commitment with the Cuban Olympic Committee”.

Reprinted by Courtesy of Sport Intern, the international inside World Sports news letter.


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