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The FIFA Ethics Committee Calls for Greater Opportunities for Transparency


The FIFA Ethics Committee calls for greater opportunities for transparency in proceedings against accused parties. According to a FIFA press release, the chairmen of the two chambers will apply to the FIFA Executive Committee for the ability to confirm ongoing proceedings against accused parties upon request and to justify judgements publically, even if the decision has not yet become legally effective. “As it stands, the FIFA Code of Ethics prevents the names of accused parties within an investigation from being disclosed upon request.This is inconsistent with state criminal proceedings in Switzerland and Europe, which would provide significantly greater transparency”, Cornel Borbély, the chairman of the FIFA Ethics Committee’s investigatory chamber is quoted as saying. “Transparency should be accorded greater importance in the future when weighing up the protection of privacy against disclosure.”

As part of these transparency reforms, the chairman of the Ethics Committee’s adjudicatory chamber, Hans-Joachim Eckert, is proposing that the Ethics Committee be able to publicly justify its decisions immediately. “This should be regardless of whether or not the football official in question is appealing the decision. Where there has been public misinformation, the Ethics Committee must also have the right to offer rectification”, Ecker stated.

The two independent chairmen of the Ethics Committee are of the opinion that greater transparency in investigations would help efforts to uncover and clear up fraud, as it would encourage potential informants to support the proceedings. They also believe that transparency will have a prevent-tive effect, as copycat culprits will also have to face exposure. For these reasons, the two chairmen are advocating the following, in accordance with and within the framework of their capabilities:

1. In important cases, the Ethics Committee may provide information regarding ongoing proceedings.

2. Where it is in the public interest, the Ethics Committee may confirm the existence of ongoing proceedings upon request.

3. The Ethics Committee will publically justify the decisions it takes immediately, regardless of whether or not the football official in question is appealing the decision.

4. Where there has been public misinformation, the Ethics Committee may offer rectification.

This article was republished with permission from the original publisher, Sport Intern.


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