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Women of Color ­ Perceived Barriers in College Coaching and Administration Study


The NCAA has monitored minority women’s athletics career trends over the years in reports such as the Ethnicity and Gender Demographics of NCAA Member Institutions’ Athletics Department Personnel and the Gender Equity Reports.

Now, the NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee with support from the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics has recommended conducting an advancement study to take a comprehensive look into women of color who currently hold positions as athletics administrators or coaches. The study seeks to determine any barriers, unmet needs or lack of available resources specific to their advancement and to identify specific measures that can provide better assistance in meeting the needs of this unique group. The goal is to utilize the results as a framework that can assist institutions in developing strategies to foster and support women of color in intercollegiate athletics.

The CWA and MOIC are asking for your help by participating in this study, which is completely voluntary. In order to participate, you must be a woman of color (regardless of your level or years of experience) that is currently employed as a coach and/or an administrator at an NCAA member institution or conference office. Your sincere engagement on these topics is needed and it is our hope that you’ll take the time to share your thoughts with us. This survey should take no more

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than 20 minutes to complete. When you have finished, your responses will automatically be recorded. Please note that you will not be able to save your responses on the survey, so it must be completed in one sitting.

Your responses are completely anonymous — nobody from your institution or the NCAA will be able to trace your responses back to you or to your institution, so you should feel completely free to speak your mind on these topics. Aggregate results from this national study will be available on the NCAA web site (www.ncaa.org) when the study is complete. If you have questions regarding the study or survey instrument, please contact Kimberly Ford, study sponsor, at (317) 917-6360 or kford@ncaa.org.

Please click here to take survey. Ensure you have 20 minutes to devote to the survey before you begin. There is no save function, and if you log out prior to completion your responses will be lost.

Please complete this survey by Friday, Dec. 5, 2014. Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey.


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