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What a Horrific Mess


There is nothing positive about domestic violence. For me the act seems to get worse when the one who is committing the violent act is an NFL running back, admittedly 10 times more powerful than the average male?

The story of Ray Rice beating his then fiancé has been looming for months including the NFL’s lack of punishment (two game suspension). With the video of the activities inside the elevator surfacing Monday, it is hard to believe that this has changed so much in the last days.

I among millions of other viewers saw this video on Monday. I was not shocked since I had visualized in my head what had happened in that elevator since the story came out or upon first glance of Rice handling a limp bodied Janay Rice outside of the elevator.

It seems that the viewing of the content in the video has changed everything. Ray Rice has been released by the Baltimore Ravens and indefinitely suspended by the NFL. Mr. Goodell is now on the hotseat as he continues to deny the NFL’s knowledge and viewing of the recently released video. And probably the most damaging aspect of the event is now a couple that is out of work, having to relieve the nightmare all over again, and a plethora of individuals coming out of the woodworks to express their anger over the video and damnation of Mr. Rice, as well as the NFL.

There are several questions that I still have about this horrific mess:

  1. Mr. Goodell and the NFL: How could you not have a copy of the video that was released on Monday? If you didn’t your organization is much weaker than I suspected. If you did, shame on you.
  2. To everyone: Did you think Mrs. Rice tripped and fell inside the elevator and bumped her head or did you think her heel was caught in the elevator track and she fell and hit her head? Please. You all know what was on the video.
  3. What happened to the Rice’s? A young couple trying not relive the worst night of their lives once more. A newly married couple where the husband is now out of work. Sound like a familiar story in America?

This article was written by Dr. Tim Foley, the Dean if Student Services at the United States Sports Academy.


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