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FAW-Volkswagen car manufacturer announces official sponsorship of Chinese basketball


The FAW-Volkswagen car manufacturer has entered a pivotal position across the flagship properties in Chinese basketball, according to an agreement orchestrated by the Swiss Infront Sports & Media AG, the Chinese Basketball Association’s exclusive media and marketing partner, Announced at a press conference in Beijing, the agreement as Official Sponsor includes the full breadth of basketball in China. It covers the CBA League, the CBA All-Star Game and the men’s national team – Team China Basketball – through to the 2016/17 season.

As a result of the new agreement, , FAW-Volkswagen, a joint venture between the China FAW Group Corporation and the German Volkswagen AG, will receive exclusivity in the Official Car category and benefit from a full range of brand exposure opportunities in camera view, including on court LED advertising. Further activation rights, such as promotions during game breaks as well as special events with players, are included alongside merchandising opportunities and a hospitality contingent. In addition, a composite CBA logo, which integrates FAW-Volkswagen’s corporate identity, is being launched and can be used across all of the brand’s communication activities.

As Official Partner of the flagship Chinese basketball events – FAW-Volkswagen will be involved across all 380 games of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League, including the regular season starting in November this year, the playoffs as well as the popular CBA All-Star Weekend. In addition, the company will be involved in approximately 20 national team matches per year. The CBA events hold huge TV audience appeal. In 2014, the final six games of the CBA Professional League alone reached a cumulative TV audience of 162 million on CCTV and other regional TV networks in China. Together with the CBA All-Star Game, reaching average cumulative audiences of around 100 million, and the National Men’s warm-up matches, which equate to an additional 62 million, the impact of the sponsorship through TV exposure alone is hugely significant.

“It is a great honour for Faw-Volkswagen to become a partner of the Chinese Basketball Association. The agreement demonstrates our commitment to supporting the development of Chinese basketball. The partnership is a strong fit and a great milestone achievement for both sides – with the CBA League as the best professional league in China and Faw-Volkswagen as the top car manufacturer in China. The full energy characteristics of the sport, its appeal to young people and the team sport character suits the core values of Faw-Volkswagen very well,” said Hu Hanjie, FAW-Volkswagen Sales company Ltd. General Manager, with Ma Guoli, Chairman of the Board of Infront China, adding:

“The breadth of the FAW-Volkswagen agreement – spanning three seasons and the entire scope of Chinese basketball, is testament to the commercial power of the versatile platform and its appeal to consumers in China and beyond. Securing cumulative TV audiences of up to 600 million per year, there is no other sports product in the country that can offer such vast levels of exposure and impact. Building on our exclusive marketing concept, state-of-the-art advertising solutions and activation support, we will support FAW-Volkswagen to implement its partnership most efficiently.”

This article was republished with permission from the editor and publisher of the Sport Intern, Karl-Heinz Huba.


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