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United States coach Klinsmann positive about their chances in the World Cup


United States coach Juergen Klinsmann has told his players to get their families to change their return flights from Brazil until after the World Cup final. According to Reuters, Defender Omar Gonzalez said Klinsmann’s upbeat assessment of his team’s chances of progressing has even gone as far as
encouraging revised travel plans. “Juergen has been nothing but positive. He’s telling us, he’s telling our families to change our flights to July 14th, 15th, because we’re going to be here until the very end,” said the center-half. “So that just speaks volumes to how positive he is, how much he believes in this team, and obviously it trickles down to all of us.That means that we’re all as confident as he is, and that we all believe in this team. We plan on being here a few more weeks.” Klinsmann was criticized by American media prior to the tournament for saying that it was “unrealistic” to talk about the U.S. winning the World Cup. The U.S. face Belgium in the second round of the World Cup on Tuesday after emerging from a tough Group G ahead of Portugal and Ghana.

This article was republished with permission from Karl Heinz-Huba, the editor and publisher of the Sport Intern.

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