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NFL’s Latest PR Stunt


We have another PR stunt by the NFL.

U.S. researchers are spending $14 million in NFL funds on a series of research projects aimed at diagnosing and treating brain injuries in football players and others who have suffered multiple head injuries or concussions.

If the NFL was really concerned about their players then why did they employ Dr. NO (aka- Ira Casson) and Elliot Pelman to help conceal and mislead NFL players about dangers of concussions and repeated hits to the head?

U.S. Researchers are spending $14 million in NFL funds to help the National Institutes of Health develop tests to detect and treat CTE while the patient is alive.

Football is hazardous to your health.

The league did everything possible to discredit Dr. Bennett Omalu who discovered CTE in deceased NFL players who committed suicide. Ask Dr. Omalu about how the NFL tried to squash him but he never gave up. Dr. Omalu even spent his own money doing the required research.

The real question is what did the NFL know and when did they know it? When the NFL opens their books and records then, and only then, will the truth be known.

NOBODY believes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell anymore!

Too bad NFL, because your dirty deeds and greed continue to dominate the sporting and human interest news. No where in Corporate America could any for-profit business treat their workers the way the NFL does. And especially a non-profit business like the NFL that grosses $10,000,000,000 annually with an anti-trust exemption. 

The NFL doesn’t even pay their medical bills. The Federal Government (medicare) pay’s their medical bills for their injured and disabled employees.

May be this is one reason why medicare is going broke and the NFL’s revenues continues to sky rocket.

Dave Pear is a former NFL defensive lineman who played from 1975-80 for the Baltimore Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders, who he helped to win Super Bowl XV in 1980.  He now writes Dave Pear’s Blog, a leading advocate for NFL veterans and issues affecting them. You can reach Pear at contact@davepear.com.


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