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For Young Athletes, ACL Surgery Could Portend a Lifetime of Pain


Much has been said recently about the impact of sports injuries on older athletes.  This topic can deal with things such as the long-term impact of concussions, the high incidence of ALS (Lou Gehrig Disease) on retired pro football players, or the degenerative effects in later years of join injuries suffered during an athlete’s playing career.

Athletes, especially at the professional level, have shown a willingness to risk their future health in order to participate in their sport of choice.  Many of them are now living their lives with significant physical limitations.  Too often they are dying before their time.

Now we are encountering an ironic twist to this story.  Surgeons are increasingly reporting conflicted feelings about performing surgeries on young athletes and the role of surgeons in prolonging careers that will lead to a life of pain down the road.

Frank Deford is one of America’s most distinguished media figures.  He has written fourteen books.  He will soon have his fifteenth book (and eighth novel) published.  He has been the recipient of numerous awards for his work in various branches of the media.  Mr. Deford recently wrote an excellent piece on the topic of ACL surgeries on young athletes.  Click here to read the complete article.

Greg Tyler, MPA, JD, MLIS
Mr. Tyler is the Director of the Library/Archivist at the United States Sports Academy. He is also a former practicing attorney.  He currently serves as Editor of the Sport Digest.


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