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There is no “Lady” in Athletics

The difference between men’s basketball and women’s basketball is clear; one is played by men and one by women. In addition to that, many...

Qatar Promises an Air-Conditioned World Cup

Qatar, where summertime temperatures frequently surpass 40 C (104 F), has announced that all 12 of the stadiums it plans to use for the 2022 World Club soccer tournament will be air conditioned, and open-air, as required by FIFA. Click here for full story.

When “Waiver” Means more than just Being Released

Almost anyone who has worked in youth sports is familiar with the use of liability waivers. When parents sign their son up for the...

The Power Clean

The power clean is the best lift for power and explosiveness, and should be included in all strength and conditioning programs. It’s effective because...

American Council on Exercise: America’s Authority on Fitness

Since 1985, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) has been committed to providing fitness education and certification to professionals and practitioners alike. ACE is...

Physical Literacy: The Holy Grail of Health and Wellness

The obesity crisis, which we hear about on an almost daily basis, is challenging our country in ways not seen before. It’s feared that...

Preventing Head Injury: Should We be Talking about Rules or Helmets?

Helmet-to-helmet collisions in the National Football League (NFL) have been a major topic of discussion during the 2010 season. One factor that has not...

A New Year’s Resolution: Becoming Physically Active

As 2011 approaches, you will start to hear people proclaim their New Year’s resolutions. Since obesity continues to be a global epidemic, some will...

Coaches and Parents Should Take Concussion More Seriously

Recent reports have indicated that concussion rates in young athletes are on the rise. However, many scholars are concerned that we may not be...

Concussed High School Athletes Who Receive Neuropsychological Testing Sidelined Longer

When computerized neuropsychological testing is used, high school athletes suffering from a sports-related concussion are less likely to be returned to play within one...
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