Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Fitbits now mandatory for students at this Oklahoma university

They take exercise seriously at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. All students are required to meet strict fitness goals. And they are graded on how they do. For...

Scotland Weighs Safety Concerns Over Ethical Issues Of Using Facial Recognition Technology At Football...

Antisocial, senseless, unruly behavior has often blighted soccer’s worldwide reputation. The notoriety of such behavior has even inspired films such as ‘Green Street’, based...

Technology and science have replaced administrators as best means of modernising sport

A festive season of football and winter World Cups turned our attention briefly to sporting action this weekend before tainted normality resumed in the...

Limiting Tackling in Practice Leads to Reduced Concussions

Finally some good news. That might have been the thoughts coming from football coaches around the state Friday. News was spreading about a recently released...

Identifying the Right Video Surveillance Technology for Your Stadium

The award-winning, $1 million video surveillance system at MetLife Stadium features more than 130 megapixel cameras with a range of features including dual H.264/JPEG...
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