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New WADA Report Exposes Tiny Number of Anti-doping Rule Violations Triggered by Blood Samples

New analysis by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), has revealed that only three of nearly 2,000 anti-doping rule violations in 2013 were uncovered as...

NCAA Gives Rules Changes the Old College Try

Anyone who really thought that the NCAA was going to emerge from its most recent Annual Meetings unscathed must have dated Lennay Kekua before...

NCAA Rule Changes May Cause More Problems Than They Solve

The NCAA Board of Directors approved a package of “common sense” revisions of the voluminous NCAA Rulebook at its recent annual convention in Grapevine,...

The NCAA—Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is  an organization created by colleges over 100 years ago in an effort to avoid federal government interference...

Ethical Dilemmas in Collegiate Athletics: The Role of Coaches and the Codes of Ethic

Competitive sports have a tremendous impact on our culture, influencing the values of millions of participants and spectators. It has been said that “Sport...

Referees Aren’t the Only Ones Carrying Whistles These Days

Anyone working in any organization knows that so-called “whistle-blowers’ who report allegations of wrongdoing in their organization to outside sources face a significant change...

NCAA Enforcement: Myth or Reality?

News media outlets have been full of stories over the past few months about problems with the NCAA Enforcement Staff and its handling of...

Are College Athletes Really Indentured Servants?

At one time, the term “corporate athletics” only applied to professional sport. Today, commercialization has not only permeated the collegiate ranks but has filtered...
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