Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Italy Withdraws Bid to Host Rugby World Cup After Rome Mayor Refuses to Back...

Italy has withdrawn its bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup following the decision by the Mayor of Rome not to support the...

The Rugby World Cup or a Call Beyond Truce and Unity

Today, the Nobel Peace Prize winner was announced, the laureate went out to the National Dialogue Quarteta for their contribution to the building of a...

A Hospitality War is Reportedly Breaking Out Ahead of the Rugby World Cup

According to The Observer, Bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants are vying with each other to win the rugby pound, during a tournament expected to add...

Nelson Mandela Used Sports To Heal a Racially Divided South Africa

The history books seldom, if at all, mention Nelson Mandela with sports. However, Charles P. Korr, a history professor emeritus at the University of Missouri-St....

IOC Appoints Head Of Rugby World Cup As New Sports Director

Kit McConnell is joining the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as its new sports director, leaving his current role as head of the Rugby World...
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