Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Winters: Peace and Sport Forum Gives Hope that Sport can be a Successful Vehicle...

At a time when there are so many problems in the world, it was refreshing to be in attendance at this week’s Peace and...

Tennis: The passport to a development journey in Uganda

Unlike tennis coaching in Australia, the Tennis For All Uganda program starts by focusing on community rather than individual development. But in the end...

Joël Bouzou: Time for transformative actions as April 6 is approaching

On April 6, people unite by one language and one belief: the language of sport and conviction of a possible peace. In 2014, the...

Peace and Sport Has Reached New Heights Says Bouzou

Joël Bouzou, the president and founder of Peace and Sport, claimed that the sixth edition of the annual Peace and Sport International Forum in...
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