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Armour: Why a Bigger College Football Playoff Field Would be Even Better

The College Football Playoff has a numbers problem. As in, not enough of them. The exclusion of Big Ten champion Penn State makes the strongest case...

Ohio State Beats Rival Michigan in Double Overtime to Earn Academy’s Game of the...

The Ohio State Buckeyes defeated rival Michigan 30-27 in double overtime on Saturday in one of the most exciting games in the history of...

NCAA’s Manziel Suspension Evokes Our Willing Suspension of Disbelief

For those deluded souls out there who still believe that the NCAA has any moral authority to exercise “control” over collegiate athletics, please take...

Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly Eager to Prove 2012 was No Fluke

Now everyone wants to know if Notre Dame can do it again, get back to national contention. And not just down the road when...

Is the “Education” in Higher Education Even Relevant Any Longer?

Josh Samuels is a junior at Ohio State University.  He recently told a New York Times reporter that he made his decision to attend...

All Hail the Coaching Gods

Who reigns supreme at university campuses? How do these deities lord their power? USA Today sets out on a quest to get answers to these...

Ohio State Says It Made Mistakes and is Sorry

(Editor’s Note: Issues facing people working in sports management and administration positions are a major focus of commentary in the Digest.  Few would disagree...

Some Schools May Simply Not Care about NCAA Violations

The University of Southern California learned recently that its appeal of its NCAA sanctions levied for recruiting violations in its football program would not...

Is There an Ethical Line in the Sand That Can’t be Crossed?

During a press conference held on March 7 at Ohio State University officials confirmed what media outlets such as Yahoo.Sports and USA Today had...

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