Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Nevada Ready to Give $750 Million in Public Funding for a Stadium

The potential move of Mark Davis's Oakland Raiders National Football League business from his base in the Bay Area to the Nevada desert continues...

Oakland or Las Vegas Raiders?

The National Football League regular season is just three weeks away from starting and if selling tickets for Raiders games in Oakland is a...

Viva Las Vegas

If you have watched any part of the National Basketball League's summer league coverage, you might notice that the NBA has no problem promoting...

Woe Canada, Quebec City Comes Up Short

Sometimes you just shake your head and wonder where sports fans come up with their notions. After Gary Bettman, National Hockey League Commissioner, announced...

Elvis Move Over, Here Comes The NHL

If all goes according to the script laid out a week ago by the National Hockey League expansion committee, Bill Foley will be deliver...

Rolling the Dice in Las Vegas

It appears that the National Hockey League is betting that Las Vegas, Nevada will be an excellent place to set up shop. Though the...
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