Friday, March 31, 2023
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Turkey Needs to “Clean Their House” if Istanbul 2020 is to Win Bid, IAAF...

Turkey's government needs to do more to demonstrate that it is dealing with its country's doping problem if Istanbul's bid to host the 2020...

Istanbul 2020: A Chance to Step “Beyond Sport to Make History”

Istanbul 2020 delivered a detailed explanation of the most compelling features of its bid to nearly 100 International Olympic Committee (IOC) members at the...

Protests in Brazil and Turkey Question Spending on Big Sport

Weeks of anti-government protests in Istanbul and marches against the World Cup in Brazil. Decidedly, the world has changed, but the question is, "Have the...

Instanbul 2020: Fast Times for Istanbul’s Olympic Bid

No one ever said they weren’t anything but smart and clever here. They knew coming in, because the working group report last spring from the International...
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