Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Stop Taking Your Multivitamins

Bet, no one has ordered you to do this before: Stop taking those multivitamins! But now three new studies in the Annals of Internal Medicine...

Call to Replace BMI with More Accurate Predictions of Disease

Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine point out that the body mass index (BMI), based on the weight and height, is not an...

Is it Possible to Eat One’s Way to Good Health?

Americans are constantly confronted with information about poor diet and exercise habits.  As a group, U.S. residents eat more and exercise less than almost...

Lifting Weights is Good for the Heart… Doing Cardio is BAD?

Editor’s note:  This article deals with the same general topic as one just posted in this blog.  This article reflects the timeliness of work...

Can Exercise Actually Be Bad for You?

The New York Times recently ran a story concerning a study conducted in Britain on the heart health of a group of older, elite...
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