Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Let the College Football Games Begin: ‘The High Court’ is in Place

Is there anything left for college football which is not an object of criticism? We don’t like “boring” football so we have structured rules which...

Parents Should Encourage Their Kids to Become College Football Coaches

On Dec. 21 USA Today ran an update on the salaries paid by Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS)) college football programs to coaches.  The complete...

Out of Control: Salaries of Football Bowl Subdivision Coaches

In this recessionary economy, from which hardly anyone has escaped, how is it that the salaries of college football coaches, particularly at the Football...

College Football Needs a Playoff

A majority of college football fans may not realize this, but there was a Division 1 college football champion other than Auburn crowned on...

Are Students Unfairly Subsidizing Intercollegiate Athletic Programs?

Recently, there has been much discussion regarding the amount which colleges and universities are charging their students to assist in funding intercollegiate athletic programs....
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