Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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The T.V. Bill is Too High

Walt Disney Company officials along with a number of top executives at other places that have sports networks probably are not too thrilled with...

The Bad Guy Is Finally Done

The New York Yankees ownership and Major League Baseball will more than likely say goodbye to Alex Rodriguez as an active player on Friday....

Cleaning Up Jockocrocy Will Be Hard

Texas A and M has suspended two assistant football coaches for taking locker-room talk and putting crude and stupid jokes about football and women...

Does Sport Trump Presidential Debates

Has sports become so important in the United States that it trumps a Presidential Debate? In the view of one candidate it has. Donald...

How Politicians, Not Athletes, Changed Sport

As the political conventions go on, it is as good a time as any to understand how the political process has enriched the American...

NY Islanders Still About Real Estate

Just when New York Islander fans began to feel somewhat secure that they were rooting for a hockey team, not just a TV program...

Will Youth Football Participation Continue To Drop?

The football season will be starting soon on all levels from six years old to the pros and all of the stories about National...

Politically Activist NBA, Not Your Grandfather’s NBA

In the event you haven't noticed, the National Basketball Association ownership group has become very active in social issues with Adam Silver in the...

Nyet for Russian Track and Field Team at Rio

Should Russia be tossed from the Rio Olympics because of a sophisticated drug doping scheme? Would that be the end of a sports sanctioned...

The Hall of Fame is Incomplete Without These Folks

The Baseball Hall of Fame swings open its doors to new Hall of Famers this weekend but there are quite a few eligible people...
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