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  • Academic Services for Athletes: Soon to be Open 24/7

    Academic Services for Athletes: Soon to be Open 24/7

    Download article as PDF Last week in Buffalo, New York the annual convention was held of the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics.  A reporter for The Chronicle of Higher Education reported hearing informal comments from attendees such as, […]

  • The NCAA—Guilty Until Proven Innocent

    Download article as PDF The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is  an organization created by colleges over 100 years ago in an effort to avoid federal government interference amid a growing number of serious injuries related to football.  It was […]

  • Division I Continues to Examine Agent Rules

    Download article as PDF After a litany of high-profile investigations in the summer and fall of 2010, Division I is focused on regulating how sports agents mix with elite student-athletes.

  • Has the Bar Been Lowered Too Far for College Student-Athletes?

    Download article as PDF The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has been grappling for over 50 years with the minimum requirements for first-year student-athletes who want to compete in big-time college sports. Part of this struggle has involved efforts to […]

  • Is the NCAA picking on the Junior College Athlete?

    Download article as PDF A class-action lawsuit has been filed by a group of two-year college football players which names the California State University system and several other institutions as defendants.  The lawsuit centers on the more stringent requirements that […]

  • Is There an Ethical Line in the Sand That Can’t be Crossed?

    Download article as PDF During a press conference held on March 7 at Ohio State University officials confirmed what media outlets such as Yahoo.Sports and USA Today had already reported.   Jim Tressel, the highly successful coach of the Buckeyes’ prominent […]

  • The NCAA Eligibility Center: The Most Important Group You’ve Never Heard About

    Download article as PDF The NCAA Division 1 Cabinet met in Indianapolis this past week and adopted a set of recommendations concerning student-athletes who wind up attending a junior college out of high school due to initial eligibility problems.  The […]

  • Who is Monitoring the Student-Athlete’s Academic Performance?

    Download article as PDF Intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA member institution involves many people and most of their roles are clearly defined.  An NCAA student-athlete is a student who participates at least once at the institution.  A head coach is […]