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Concussion Expert Calls For Comprehensive Study to Finally Reveal Truth about Youth Head Trauma

Dr. Robert Cantu, one of the leading experts on concussions, has proposed several tough steps to protect children from damaging blows to the head...

Raise Awareness about Childhood Obesity This Month!

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month was created to fight this negative trend in our next generation’s health. COAM embodies the principle "Think globally; act locally." Taken...

Children Need at Least 7 minutes a Day of Vigorous Physical Activity

Children need a minimum of seven minutes a day of vigorous physical activity, demonstrates recently published findings by University of Alberta medical researchers and...

Is it So Hot Outside that the Kids Have to Stay Indoors?

Exercising in hot weather used to be considered more dangerous for kids than adults.  Doctors felt that children’s bodies could not heat stress as...

A Continuing Discussion of Active Children

. What are the benefits of movement activity for children?  For years we have been told the answer to the question.  Children who exercise have: A...

Getting Youth Physical Fit Also Improves Their Academic Achievement

Children have become more obese and less fit since the ‘80s, and this could be due to physically inactive lifestyles. According to a report...

Physical Literacy: The Holy Grail of Health and Wellness

The obesity crisis, which we hear about on an almost daily basis, is challenging our country in ways not seen before. It’s feared that...
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