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The Trust for Former NFL Players

I recently attended a webinar through the National Association of Athletic Advisor’s for Athletics (N4A). The message was to provide information for former National...

Major Leagues Baseball Pitchers Wearing Head Protection in 2016

It is really difficult to grasp all of the discussion that Major League Baseball (MLB) wants to have major league pitchers wear head/face protection...

Does Gender Matter When Coaching in the NFL?

It is believed that Dr. Jen Welter is the first female who will coach in the National Football League (NFL). She was hired by...

Why Lower the Seams for College Baseball?

With college baseball season right around the corner there has been a huge debate whether lowering the seams on the ball used for college...

The Growing Concern With Sport Specialization

Why has it become a growing fad that athletes and their parents feel like they should have to specialize in a particular sport? Their...

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