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Kyrie Irving’s Unvaccinated Choice

Kyrie Irving’s Unvaccinated Choice
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By Dr. Fred J. Cromartie |

Well it is perfectly clear to all that Kyrie Irving has made the personal decision not to get the vaccine for Covid-19.  I understand that it is his personal right to not get the vaccine and remain unvaccinated.

The NBA nor the Brooklyn nets are forcing him to get the vaccine. The league has worked hard to educate the players with regard to the vaccine. 

There is no “I” in team, but there are repercussions for not being able to play due to being unvaccinated. The Nets made a team decision based on the decision that Kyrie made for himself.  Due to his own decision, he will not be able to play and he loses 380,000 per game he does not play.  

In a previous interview this year, Kyrie admitted to Ajayi Brown that he has not always made the right choices.  In this case no matter right or wrong the fact is that he will not be playing, practicing or being paid by the Brooklyn Nets until he is eligible under the New York City Covid-19 vaccination mandate.

The Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks stated the position of the Nets organization clearly; he said Kyrie Irving’s decision not to comply with the New York City’s Covid-19 mandate left the Nets with one choice and one only – to send him away from the team until he is ready, willing and able to fully participate.

 In the end, Kyrie has a choice in the matter of getting vaccinated, it is his to make, and as of the right now he is sticking to the decision of not getting the vaccine.

Dr. Fred J. Cromartie is the director of doctoral studies at the United States Sports Academy.


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