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Curt Flood: In the Words of Others

Curt Flood: In the Words of Others
Curt Flood with the St. Louis Cardinals in March 1968. Photo: AP

By Dr. Fred J. Cromartie, Ed.D. |

The feature articles by Allen Barra and Jonathan Abrams speak directly to the sacrifice and selflessness for the good of others that was displayed by former Major League Baseball player Curtis Charles Flood. The story told by both authors portrays exactly who he was and what he endured to bring about the most significant change in sport free agency.

Allen Barra wrote in 2011; “If Curt Flood had not existed, not even Marvin Miller could have invented him. Who Curtis Charles Flood was and precisely his significance in baseball history is something that can’t be understood just by looking at the record book.” Continue reading Barra’s piece here.

In a piece published by the New York Times 10 years later, Jonathan Abrams wrote: “Showing fleet feet and a slick glove, Curt Flood patrolled center field like few others to have ever played Major League Baseball.” Continue reading Abrams’ piece here.

And finally, in 1998, George Will wrote about Flood: “He lost the 1970 season and lost in the Supreme Court, but he had lit a fuse. … Six years later – too late to benefit him – his cause prevailed. The national pastime is clearly better because of that. But more important, so is the nation, because it has learned one more lesson about the foolishness of fearing freedom.”

Dr. Fred J. Cromartie is the director of doctoral studies at the United States Sports Academy.


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