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Olympic Studies Centre: “A New Approach to Future Host Elections”

Olympic Studies Centre: “A New Approach to Future Host Elections”
Photo: https://www.olympic.org/olympic-studies-centre

By Dr. Brandon Spradley |

Recently, the Olympic Studies Centre hosted a conference call to discuss key information regarding the Olympic Agenda moving forward.

Just to provide some background about the Olympic Studies Centre, it is the official centre of reference for Olympic knowledge and part of the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage. The centre shares Olympic knowledge and provides reliable and relevant information that stimulates intellectual exchange among researchers and professionals in the sports industry.

The recent conference call was “Online the Line with an Expert – A new Approach to Future Host Elections”. The experts on the call were Mr. Christophe Dubi, Olympic Games Executive Director, and Ms. Jacqueline Barret, Associate Director of the Olympic Games.

The session included a presentation by the experts as well as a (Q&A) session for those invited to the conference call. Here are some of the key changes that were approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and further discussed on the conference call:

  • Establish a permanent, ongoing dialogue to explore and create interest among cities/regions/countries and National Olympic Committees for Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games
  • Create two Future Host Commissions (Summer/Winter) to oversee interest in future Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games
  • The term “Host” does not necessarily refer to a single city but can refer to multiple cities/regions/countries.
  • Election timings are flexible and adjusted to opportunities, context, and needs. A new approach has been approved to increase flexibility that will enable the IOC to better react to various developments and opportunities, whether it be strategic, economic, societal, or geographical.

This information is relevant for sport management professionals and researchers; especially those interested in the Olympic Agenda.

If you are interested, here are a few videos about the Olympic Agenda and the legacy of the Olympic Games:

References: https://www.olympic.org/olympic-studies-centre

Dr. Brandon Spradley is the chair of sports management at the United States Sports Academy. He recently discussed issues related to the rise of eSports in the sports profession.


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