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There are some things that cause us to STOP, and admire. In sports and recreation, this is often performance oriented. As the college and professional football seasons close, or wind down to a close, and as the best of the best are pitted one against another – this tends to bring out such performances – those that cause us to stop and admire. Things that have never before happened – happen! We like this. Actually, we love this!

And Alabama has had a particularly noteworthy run of late. But it is not this run of which I write. No, this posting is of a slightly different flavor. Still all good – but of a new flavor, laced with traditional, or older flavor…a Stabler flavor…


Ooooh. Doesn’t just the name make you think of tradition, and flavor – of richness, and relish? But, perhaps Stabler is not a name you recognize right away. That’s ok. Soon enough, you will….

In Alabama, Stabler is highly recognizable. Perhaps also, Stabler is highly recognizable in Oakland as well. Ah, yes – Ken Stabler. Kenny, “The Snake” Stabler. The crafty, tough, legendary quarterback – the Oakland Raiders quarterback (arguably the best Raiders QB in team history) – Super Bowl Winner – and before that – the Alabama “Crimson Tide” QB – Born and raised in Foley, Alabama – yes – that Stabler.

Ahhh, still – Nor, is it of that Stabler of which I write. Rather, this post is to focus on the new Stabler.

Her name is Alexa Stabler.

Yes. Ah ha! It is of Ken Stabler’s daughter of which I write – Alexa Stabler. That’s right. Alexa Stabler, Attorney at Law.

Ahhh, but there’s more….you know I love the reveal…

So get this – Ms. Alexa just launched Stabler Sports, a Mobile, AL-based firm specializing in agent representation of players and prospects.

Rightio! Stabler Sports! Alexa Stabler is a Certified Sports Agent! What an excellent prospect! What more could you want – solid sports history, strong sports pedigree, intimate sports knowledge, highly motivated, vigorous representation – if you’re a local athlete competing in the Gulf Coast area, or anywhere in the Southeast – Ms. Stabler has set up shoppe just for the likes of you!

Move over Leigh Steinberg – this time, the end is not coming, the end is here: Alexa Stabler is running Stabler Sports out of Mobile, AL – and she will be a…Force!

For an up-close look at the Stabler Sports website, please click here.

By Dr. Rodney J. Blackman

Dr. Rodney J. Blackman is the Chair of Recreation Management at the United States Sports Academy, and can be reached at rblackman@ussa.edu.


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