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Breath of an Angel…

Breath of an Angel…

That kid! – Wow! What a great kiddo!! Absolutely classic smile right there, uh huh!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

And he’s an All-Star at age 6. Six!

Baseball, of course.

Ohh, he loves his baseball!!!

What’s his name?

His name is Promise.

His name is Innocence.

His name is Mason.

He loves puppies, and puddles, and pizza.

He loves cookies, and crayons, and candy.

And he loves his momma (Stephanie).

And he loves his daa-da (Matt).

And his sister (Carlee, age 2).

And baseball.

He could play baseball for hours on end – almost without end…

If asked which he loves the most – he’d probably say he loves them all the same! Momma, Da-da, Carlee, and baseball – all – the most!

And, he also loves his baseball cards.

Funny thing, even at age 6 he’s learned how to limp – if he needs to…

Is he flawless? Nah.

Close enough?


But so what –

He’s 6.

With a report card full of 100 percents…

Wow! What an absolutely delightful time of life – where the virtually unspoiled promise and innocence of a 6-year-old baseball player is one of the very things that makes America – America.

Yeah? Yeah.

This seems to be the tradition that we pass on…

And each time we pass it on, there’s new breath in an angel. Yeah. That’s what it’s like – the breath of an Angel…

By Dr. Rodney J. Blackman

Dr. Rodney J. Blackman is the Chair of Recreation Management at the United States Sports Academy, and can be reached at rblackman@ussa.edu.


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